BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Hair Metal Mixtape is moving to Radio Free Brooklyn!!

Hair Metal Mixtape is happy to announce that the show will be moving to in Bushwick, Brooklyn starting NEXT Monday April 26 at 4pm EST (16:00 GMT-5)
Here’s the link to Hair Metal Mixtape w/Gabe @ 4pm EST (16:00 GMT-5) on
What up, Mixtapers! The inevitable is here and I think I’m prepared. I’m not looking at this like an end but the beginning of something new and exciting! So as you might know, Hair Metal Mixtape is moving to Brooklyn. Bushwick, Brooklyn. I spent a few hours there Sunday training at the studio and let me tell you, this is gonna make for a fun and different experience with Hair Metal Mixtape! We’ll probably start slow because of Covid and people getting “vaxxed”, but when things are in full effect, we are gonna rage in Bushwick!! Hair Metal Mixtape style! Which in reality will probably be safe and responsible like the dad that I am. But I promise to raise a little hell! Every Monday at 4pm EST on or to make it even easier, Radio Free Brooklyn has an app that you just pop open and listen to Hair Metal Mixtape at 4pm EST on Mondays!

Here’s some fun videos!

The Mixtape!


That’s it folks! Thanks for listening! 

Keep your vinyl clean!

Be Kind, Rewind

Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

Here’s all of the Vinyl Show ‘N Tell in 60 Secs.

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