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Today on Hair Metal Mixtape! Mötley Crüe’s “Looks That Kill”(LIVE) from the LP ‘The End – Live in Los Angeles’! Tune in and Turn up!
“A Year in Review!” Hair Metal Mixtape w/Gabe @ 8pm EST (20:00 GMT-5) on ZerodBRadio.com (Click here to listen!)
A year around the sun with you and our favorite Hair Metal is a cause for celebration! So stick around for Poison, L.A. Guns and Bloody Heels just to name a few!
But first… Hear N’ Tell!

Motley Crue’s “Looks That Kill”(LIVE) from ‘The End – Live in Los Angeles’ on vinyl

Motley Crue’s “The End – Live in Los Angeles” on vinyl was not only a gift to the world, but a gift to me for episode #365 from my friends Ear Damage Adam and #1 fan Mikey B! I chose a track off this masterpiece to share with y’all in honor of today’s special anniversary.

Here’s Motley Crue and the song “Looks That Kill”(LIVE) right here on Hair Metal Mixtape

That was Motley Crue and the song “Looks That Kill”(LIVE) from The Crue’s ‘The End: Live in Los Angeles’ album which came to me as an amazing gift from some amazing friends. Thanks again guys!

There you have it folks! What did you think?

…And that was your Hear ’N Tell!

The Mixtape!

OK, Mixtapers! I’ve been thinking all weekend what to say about these past 365 episodes, this past year, all the death, all the grief and all the hurt this globe, my friends, my family and myself have been dealing with. So massive it’s hard to fathom. Hard to put into words. So I found a quote by someone, of all people totally NOT hair Metal, and that’s Jimmy Buffet. He said;

“This year gone by ain’t been a piece of cake

Everyday’s been a revolution

Pull it all together and it comes undone

Just one more candle and a trip around the sun… “ – Jimmy Buffet

So today’s mixtape I’m taking it back to day one of this pandemic when it affected my life. When I first started playing all these tunes, my son was so curious so I cued up all the videos I could remember from when I discovered Hair Metal on MTV and these are a bunch of them mixed in with some current Hair Bands who I feel are carrying the torch of Hair Band with pride! 

So let’s begin with the song who’s video opened up my son’s eye’s to a whole new world, Here’s Twisted Fucking Sister with “I Wanna Rock” from their 1984 smash album ‘Stay Hungry’ to kick off and continue 365 friggin days of Hair Metal Mixtape! Party on dudes!

That was Latvian hard rockers Bloody Heels and “Farewell to Yesterday” from their sophomore and latest 2020 album ‘Ignite the Sky’ to wrap up today’s Hair Metal Mixtape!

And that is today’s Hair Metal Mixtape #365 – A Year in Review! 

Yeah, it’s been a full friggin’ year and I’m still trippin’ out about it. I started this radio show as a podcast when I was layed off from my job because of the pandemic 365 days ago today. I started doing it to basically to take the metaphorical life temperature of me and my friends. I started by doing the weather in each of the cities that my childhood friends moved to and then a quick 30 minute set list of only 80’s Hair Metal and that was a way to reach out and say I’m here. 365 days later and I’m still here and the show has evolved into what it is today. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I’m damn proud of it’s progress. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for sticking around. I appreciate and respect your time. I really do love you all. Again, thanks to Ear Damage Adam for being my wingman in this Zero dB Radio journey and thanks to #1 fan Mikey B for being just that. Our #1 fan and most importantly, he’s practically family. Thanks guys.

That’s it folks! Thanks for listening! 

I hope you are maintaining your physical distance from your friends and loved ones for now and yet also engaging in social connectivity.

Keep your vinyl clean!

Be Kind, Rewind

Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

Here’s all of the Vinyl Show ‘N Tell in 60 Secs.

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