TOMORROW on Hair Metal Mixtape! Gypsy Pistoleros release new single ‘Lost in a Town called Nowhere!’ Tune in and turn up! 

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It’s Friggin’ Friday so that means it’s Friggin’ Nu Music Friday! So stick around for new friggin’ Sergeant Steel, Maverick and Santa Cruz , just to name a friggin’ few!

But first… Hear N’ Tell!

Gypsy Pistoleros release new single ‘Lost in a Town called Nowhere!’

Gypsy Pistoleros released a brand new single and anthem for the underdog ‘Lost in a Town called Nowhere!’ This past Feb 26th from the brand new Album, ‘The Mescalito Vampires’! On Golden Robot/RIOT Records out June. 

Described as the Album they always promised to make, this release see’s GYPSY PISTOLEROS fully embracing their fiery flamenco/rumba passion & crossover punk Rock n Roll leanings!  Latin Rock’s Appetite for Destruction, ‘The Mescalito Vampires’ is here!

Here’s Gypsy Pistoleros and their new single “Lost in a Town called Nowhere!” right here on Hair Metal mixtape

That was Gypsy Pistoleros and their new single “Lost in a Town called Nowhere!from the brand new Album, ‘The Mescalito Vampires’! On Golden Robot/RIOT Records out June. 

Gypsy Pistoleros are best described as being the ideal house band for the fictitious Titty Twister bar of Rodriguez’s From Dusk till Dawn. Between the nods to Morricone’s tense, tumbleweed atmospheres and the Gypsy Kings’ manic Mediterranean energy, a New York Dolls raw glam spark and a surplus of prime G ‘n’ R attitude, the Pistoleros’ sonic style is captured to the full with the release of an album they have always threatened!  

Gypsy Pistoleros remain something truly unique and interesting in today’s predictable musical landscape. Combining their truly unique mix of flamenco rumba which gleefully collides with old school punk rock ‘n’ roll riffs in a head on collision. In the best rock ‘n’ roll tradition, with big hooks, attitude, and sleaze. Yet those flamenco breaks got into your head and refuse to leave – this hybrid rocks.

There you have it folks! What did you think?

…And that was your Hear ’N Tell!

The Mixtape!

Happy Friggin’ Friday Mixtapers! That’s right, it’s Friday and this is the second installment of Friggin’ Nu Friday! Where what I play for you today is all new music released in 2021 so far that I feel that I want to share with “yous guys”. The latest the better but there is so much new stuff that I’m still catching up. But I think I cleared the slate with this list today, so next week should be super recent.

Alright, so during the week I premiered this bands new single off of their record not out yet. This was the first single released from their forthcoming album Pyramid! This is Temple Balls with “Thunder From The North” right here on hair metal mixtape!

That was SantaCruz and their newest single “Moonchild” and their re-invented new sound with what seems to be a two man operation at the moment. Can’t wait to see what it to come of Santa Cruz!

And that is today’s Hair Metal Mixtape #355 – Friggin’ Nu Friday!

This is really an opportunity to reflect on the fact that there is still new music out there worth reaching out too! And hopefully days like today give you the opportunity to have heard something you haven’t heard before and you reach out and make a new connection with that band or their music. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for sticking around. I appreciate and respect your time.

That’s it folks! Thanks for listening! 

I hope you are maintaining your physical distance from your friends and loved ones for now and yet also engaging in social connectivity.

Keep your vinyl clean!

Be Kind, Rewind

Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

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