TODAY on the Mixtape @ Noon! Crash Midnight release new single “Killing Time”! Tune in and turn up! 

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Yo! Today we are smuggling cherries in our Leathür & Denim so stick around for Bon Jovi, Motley Cue and Autograph, just to name a few!

But first… Hear N’ Tell!

Crash Midnight release new single “Killing Time”

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA based rockers Crash Midnight featuring frontman Shaun Soho have released a new single titled “Killing Time.”

Here’s Crash Midnight and their new single “Killing Time.” right here on Hair Metal mixtape

That was Crash Midnight and their new single “Killing Time.” 

Crash Midnight will be streaming their “Killing Time” Concert Event from Fremont Country Club in downtown Las Vegas on Saturday, March 6th at 5 pm PST. The full concert will be available both live and for re-watch via the Back Stage Bar & Billards.The group’s “Biography” on its website indicates (with slight edits): “Rock n’ Roll is back! Born out of a late-night car wreck and formed on the streets of Boston by Shaun Soho (lead vocals), Bo (bass guitar), and Alex Donaldson (lead guitar), Crash Midnight has burst onto the music scene with vintage guitar riffs, pounding drums, and searing vocals. A collision of classic 70′s festival rock with a punk swagger, their trademark sound is packing clubs and turning heads. With their exploding following and high-energy stage show, Crash Midnight performs with all the reckless abandon of a runaway freight train and is poised to carry the torch for a whole new generation of Rock n’ Roll.”

There you have it folks! What did you think?

…And that was your Hear ’N Tell!

The Mixtape!

OK, Mixtapers! I’ve squeezed into my Leather and Denim and am now looking for my fringed jacket. Have you seen it anywhere? I think Ozzy has it. Anywho, as a reminder, today is Leathür & Denim Thursday so you get a curated mixtape today of early 80’s Glam Metal. The First Wave of Glam Metal, like the Wiki Gods like to say, was from 1981-1986, but 1983 was key in this history…

1983 was the breakout year for heavy metal: Quiet Riot’s Metal Health was the first heavy metal album to reach number one in the Billboard charts. Quiet Riot success paved the way for many heavy metal acts, glam and otherwise, as the decade progressed.[21] That same year saw a larger wave of heavy metal albums achieve previously unheard of commercial success, with Mötley Crüe releasing its second album Shout at the Devil, Def Leppard releasing its third album Pyromania, and Kiss releasing Lick It Up. Though glam metal had not yet truly emerged as a commercially viable heavy metal subgenre, these bands opened the doors.

Def Leppard’s Pyromania, later certified 10x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), reached number two on the Billboard 200. The singles “Foolin’“, “Photograph“, and “Rock of Ages“, helped by the emergence of MTV, reached the Top 40.[19][22][23] Pyromania‘s style was widely emulated, particularly by the emerging Californian scene.[6] However, remarked Leppard’s Joe Elliott, “I don’t know how anybody could confuse us with that lot. We weren’t even around when all those so-called glam bands came up. We were in fuckin’ Holland making Hysteria. While they were out banging chicks or whatever, we were looking at windmills and playing pool on a table without any pockets. We were as far away from LA as any band could be.”

I don’t Joe Elliot, Pour Some Sugar On Me sounds likes, “out banging chicks or whatever..” 

OK, so that brings us to Def Leppard and Pyromania to kick off today’s “Leathür & Denim” Thursday edition of Hair Metal Mixtape. So let’s Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)

That was Pasadena, CA rockers Autograph who have released several albums throughout the 1980s and are best known for this hit single you just heard, 1984’s “Turn Up the Radio.”

And that is today’s Hair Metal Mixtape #354 – Leathür & Denim

I said this before, but it is totally a pleasure to just stick to leather and denim for a full set. I may try a combo next time where I have Leather and Denim current bands too! Are there any? I don’t know. We’ll see. It may be just these bands with current songs like U.D.O. and Accept. We’ll see! Thanks for tuning in and thanks for sticking around. I appreciate and respect your time.

That’s it folks! Thanks for listening! 

I hope you are maintaining your physical distance from your friends and loved ones for now and yet also engaging in social connectivity.

Keep your vinyl clean!

Be Kind, Rewind

Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

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