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Friday March 5th
Hair Metal Mixtape #348 – Friggin’ Nu Friday! – Fri Mar 5

Fridays are the perfect friggin day to summarize what the frig happened this week, so stick around for Mad Dogs, Sun Bomb and Durbin for the first installment of Friggin’ Nu Friday!

But first… Hear N’ Tell!

Today’s Hear N’ Tell is also today’s friggin’ Mixtape! (Keanu) “Whoa!, like whatcha mean?”

What I mean is today is the first day that Hair Metal Mixtape is trying out an all new Friggin’ Nu Friday! That’s right! There is so much friggin’ good hard rock being released that I can’t keep up with just playing one new single a day on Hear N’ Tell, SO, I think it is only fair, if we are to uphold the motto “Balancing the Classic with the Current”, this is the perfect opportunity for the pendulum to swing all the way into 2021! So today I present to you a good long Rockin’ Friggin Nu Friday Mixtape, right here on Hair Metal Mixtape!

…And that was your Hear ’N Tell!

The Mixtape!

OK, Mixtapers! Let’s begin this friggin’ journey!

Kickin’ off today’s friggin mixtape are The Dead Daisies! This is their single “Come Alive” from their new album Holy Ground released this past January 22nd, right here on today’s Friggin’ Nu Friday Mixtape right here only on Hair Metal Mixtape!

That was Bad Baron with their new single “Sweet Talker” released this past Feb. 12th as just that, a single and no news on a new album yet. What I did get from their Facebook Page is the following; Pure, unadulterated 80s rock from the metal mecca of Finland. Big hair, even bigger hooks, and musical skills that we all thought went out of fashion in 1991 – Bad Baron will be bringing their proudly non-unique brand of glam metal to a stage near you. There you have it folks! 

And that is today’s Hair Metal Mixtape #348 – Friggin’ Nu Friday!

How about them apples!

I like the way that went. That was refreshing like yesterday’s Leathür N’ Denim Thursday, but it felt… current. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for sticking around. I appreciate and respect your time.

That’s it folks! Thanks for listening! 

I hope you are maintaining your physical distance from your friends and loved ones for now and yet also engaging in social connectivity.

Keep your vinyl clean!

Be Kind, Rewind

Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

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