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Today on Hair Metal Mixtape! German alternative punk rockers CALL ME BRUTUS drop new single “Carry Away”. Tune in and turn up on

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Sunday Feb. 21st
Hair Metal Mixtape #336 – In From the Outside – Sun Feb 21

Yo! It’s been way too snowy and frigid to even think about chillin’ outside, that’s why today we come in from the outside to a nice hot cup of Hair Metal Mixtape. So stick around for The Black Crowes, Red Water and The Front, just to name a few!

Yo! What up Mixtapers? How’s it going? We got ourselves a cozy Sunday, that’s what we got. We sippin’ on a hot cup of somethin’ today!

I’ve got an eclectic mix of staying inside and keeping warm by the fire of this Mixtape. That’s right, I whipped out a bunch of cd’s to hang with and jam out in the warmth of the inside. And if you need it hotter, just turn this up!

So here’s Coverdale / Page with “Pride and Joy” from their 1993 self-titled album to start off today’s Hair Metal Mixtape!

Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

Hear N’ Tell!

CALL ME BRUTUS drop a new single “Carry Away”

German alternative punk rockers CALL ME BRUTUS have released a new single “Carry Away”

Let’s hear it and I’ll tell you some more after.

That was German alternative punk rockers CALL ME BRUTUS and their new single “Carry Away”

The following is from the bands press kit; 

“Art can be many things – as long as the artist gets away with it. No sooner said than done, Call Me Brutus think about it anew before every performance. Since 2010, the band based in Sindelfingen, Germany, has been making the audience’s ossicles vibrate with a pinch of self-irony, a shot of three-chord punk riffs, ska-inspired sounds and rolling alternative guitar music at their energetic shows. 

Unembellished and honest. That is – you have to say it like that – suitable for the masses. A term with negative connotations, but Call Me Brutus take it, reinterpret it and turn it into an experience of its own. One that conveys good humor and gives the audience a good time. They interact with the listeners like hardly any other band, without being alternative punk rockers who spread the message besides all the fun: No feet wide to the fascists! 

It’s creative chaos, planned chaos, which has been on stage with Call Me Brutus since 2010, while before that sometimes the smallest mosh pit in the world and sometimes a big crowd, which makes the hall shake on command. If you go to a CMB concert, you know that there are also times when the crowd is on their faces. And those who can still stand up after that are one more insight: I’ll be back! You have to see this band for yourself. Art can be many things – as long as the artist gets away with it. Art can be fun. Art can have a certain claim AND be dirty at the same time.”

There you have it folks! What did you think? 

Keep your vinyl clean!

Be Kind, Rewind

Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

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