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Today on Hair Metal Mixtape! Bad Baron debut a single “Sweet Talker”!

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Hair Metal Mixtape #333 – You Will Remain – Thur Feb 18

After the trials and tribulations of a real deal relationship, when the dust settles, You Will Remain. Stick around for Bon Jovi, Sweet Creature and Shiraz Lane, just to name a few!

Yo! What up Mixtapers? How’s it going? 

Today I’m feeling good and anew. I feel like a storm has passed and only clear loving skys are in my future. So like I said at the top of the show; After the trials and tribulations of a real deal relationship, when the dust settles, You Will Remain.

Here’s Nelson with “After the Rain” to start off today’s  Hair Metal Mixtape!

Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

Hear N’ Tell!

Bad Baron debut a single “Sweet Talker” and have a video for it!

Finnish glam metal rockers Bad Baron have released a video for their debut single “Sweet Talker.”

Let’s hear it and I’ll tell you some more after.

That was Bad Baron and their debut single “Sweet Talker”

The group’s Facebook page indicates:

“You might be tempted to assume that you’ve come across yet another Scandinavian sleaze band, following a path well-trodden over the past few years by bands like CrashdïetSanta Cruz and Reckless Love. But you’d be wrong. Bad Baron, hailing from the metal mecca of Finland, don’t mess around with genre crossovers, mainstream elements or any kind of ‘modern touch’ – they simply bring you the pure, unadulterated 80s rock that you crave.

Leading the band is 2020 Voice of Finland contestant Lauri Huovinen, who cut his teeth playing in bands in the wintry northern city of Oulu. Face-melting guitar solo duties are handled by Tommy Widdow, and Sammy South keeps the beat with the (very) occasional drum solo. Of course, no hair metal band would be complete without a keytar or two, so the guys flew in British keyboardist Alex Kron to add those all-important synths.

‘I’m a massive fan of the AOR and glam metal that came out of the 80s,’ says Lauri. ‘WhitesnakeRattDanger Danger and so on, so it was amazing to find people who want to make that kind of music as much as I do.’

With big hair, even bigger hooks, and musical skills that we all thought went out of fashion in 1991, Bad Baron will be bringing their proudly non-unique brand of glam metal to a stage near you.”

Full Article Here!

Keep your vinyl clean!

Be Kind, Rewind

Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

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