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Plus today on Hear N’ Tell! Suspect208 release a new song “Nicotine” whilst introducing a new singer

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Hear N’ Tell!

Suspect208 have released a new song called ‘Nicotine,’ whilst also introducing a new singer!

Fledgling rock group Suspect208 — featuring sons of Slash and Robert Trujillo — have released a new song titled “Nicotine,” and introduced their new singer, Cody Houston, following the split with Noah Weiland, Scott Weiland’s son.

On Jan. 8, Suspect208 posted on their social media that they were seeking a new vocalist, along with the requirements to audition. Earlier that day, Weiland shared a series of posts on his Instagram story that alluded to his departure from the band.

A few days later, the group released a statement regarding their decision to split ways with the singer. According to their explanation, Weiland wasn’t contributing fairly due to personal struggles, so they decided to move forward without him.

Houston joined forces with London Hudson, Tye Trujillo and Niko Tsangaris after he auditioned to be their new frontman.

“Cody was the first audition that was sent in, and we fell in love with his voice. It wasn’t until he then came to LA that we realized he is a super hard-working, talented, and awesome person,” Tsangaris told Australia’s Wall of Sound. “Musically, we connected on another level, and songs began to flow like water on the first day! We’re beyond excited to show our fans what we’ve been working on!”

Let’s check out their brand new track “Nicotine” with Houston on vocals…

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