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Today’s Mixtape was a Piece of Cake, so I got myself a tall cup of coffee and I’m jamming’ out Saturday style, so stick around for Motley Crue, Lita Ford and Kiss just to name a few.

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MICHAEL SCHENKER Releases Music Video For His Version Of SCORPIONS’ ‘In Search Of The Peace Of Mind’

Michael Schenker has just released a new MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP) album, “Immortal”, via Nuclear Blast yesterday!. The effort contains Michael‘s version of the SCORPIONS song “In Search Of The Peace Of Mind”, which originally appeared on the band’s 1972 album “Lonesome Crow”.

Let’s Hear it and I’ll tell you more after!

Says Michael: “‘In Search Of The Peace Of Mind’ had to be my 50th-anniversary celebration song. It means so much to me, because it was my very first musical composition I wrote at the age of 15. And it was also the first song I had ever put on a record, also at the age of 15. In addition, this song from the original ‘Lonesome Crow’ SCORPIONS album, the very first album the SCORPIONS had ever recorded, has a solo on it that that was so perfect I would never change a note in 1000 years. I have no idea where it came from, alongside the other solos on ‘Lonesome Crow’, where you can hear that I am an amateur, young and developing as a kid. But this lead break came from somewhere else. I have no idea how it happened.

“I wanted to re-record this song for ‘Immortal’, making it an epic, and put an additional long solo on the end of the song, which turned out so amazing. The sound describes my 50-year journey expressed on lead guitar. Again, it ended up so amazing, like an inner conversation throughout my life — questions and answers; making choices expressed on lead guitar.

“With Gary BardenRonnie RomeroRobin McAuley and Doogie White making a contribution to my 50th anniversary, it turned out complete. Not to forget the amazing contribution of Simon Phillips on drums, Barry Sparks on bass, as well as Steve Mann on keyboards. Fantastic.

“This is the fourth single for ‘Immortal’ — 50th anniversary of Michael Schenker.”

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