Today we “Walkin’ The Line” when #recklesswings release new single #push plus the mixtape with #bonjovi #confess and #warrant just to name a few. ON NOW! Tune in and turn up!

I can think of many instances when I had to walk the line and it seems like the following set list has also, so stick around for Bon Jovi, Confess and Warrant  just to name a few.

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Reckless Wings release video for track “Push”

Croatian hard rockers Reckless Wings consisting of lead vocalist Marko Domjan, guitarists Lovro Dužević and Tin Fabijančić, bassist Jasmin Manjarić and drummer Patrik Horvatić have released a video for their latest track “Push.”

Let’s Hear it and I’ll tell you more after!

Reckless Wings‘ press release indicates:

Reckless Wings are a rock’n’roll (and everything in that category, as they say) band from Varaždin, but as the name suggests, they aim for more than to stay a local name. That desire to expand their audience is visible in the band’s name itself, as “Reckless” and “Wings” is an oxymoron, a combination of two seemingly contradictory terms. Their music is unpredictable, but it definitely conveys emotion. As much as they’re unpredictable, they equally don’t want to be tied down to a certain genre. They justify this by making original music and point out that this process is not exclusive to any influences.

The group is planning to publish a full-length album, but the global pandemic is slowing down that process, as well as the current financial situation, considering all their gigs have been canceled due to the pandemic. Despite the circumstances, their number one priority remains working on the upcoming album. That being said, the video is out now, so we encourage you to listen and see how the band sound yourselves!

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