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Today is the first Monday of the month so that makes it Mötley Mönday, so stick around for Motley B-Sides from the Too Fast For Love era up to the Dr. Feelgood era! That “Too Fast For Love” era was all over the place with B-Sides. There was a lot of singles with (2) b-sides that were previously singles so I didn’t count those. And I also didn’t put B-Sides that were released as A-Side singles previously neither. Enjoy! #hairmetal #mixtape on #zerodbradio

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Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

Hear N’ Tell!

Mariah Carey and Mötley Crüe feat. Marty Friedman on gtr solo – “All I Want is Looks that Kill” (Mashup)

It’s Mötley Mönday so that means we are going to do things a little different!

We are going to have some Holiday Fun today! This came out the beginning of 2020 but I found this recently. It’s fun so I’m going with it!

Let’s Hear it and I’ll tell you more after

That was Mariah Carey and Mötley Crüe feat. Marty Friedman’s guitar solo from what looks like a Megadeth performance on this mashup video for “All I Want is Looks that Kill”

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Keep your vinyl clean!

Be Kind, Rewind

Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

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