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Today’s Mixtape we celebrate the arrival of Friday for the working and we are all revved up and ready to go for the weekend. Yeah, we all can’t really go out and get wild, but we can look forward to hanging with family and having a great time at home. #hairmetal #mixtape #zerodbradio

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Today is Friday and we are all revved up and ready to go, so stick around for Ratt, Cinderella and Crashdiet  just to name a few… 

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17 Crash have unleashed a video for their new single “Bite The Freedom”

Italian sleaze rockers 17 Crash consisting of lead vocalist Ros Crash, guitarists Wildcat and CJ “Black Dog” Guarne, bassist Maxxx and drummer Phil Hill have released a video for their new single “Bite The Freedom.”

The following message was posted on 17 Crash‘s Facebook page yesterday:


Ladies n’ Gentlemen, we are thrilled and proud to show you our new baby.

What a better time to talk and reflect about the most important thing we have: ” FREEDOM “.

Enjoy this great piece of art by Andrea Falaschi.

“Play it LOUD“

There you have it folks! What did you think? 

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