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I’m starting off with something off of Cocked And Loaded because I just watched these guys do the whole Cocked and Loaded live from start to finish basically for the first time ever for the 31st anniversary streaming on Saturday evening in Vegas and it was fantastic!

Missed the stream? Here you have today’s show for a full 24 hours before the next one. Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

Hear N’ Tell!

Sainted Sinners release video for track “Same Ol’ Song”

Sainted Sinners consisting of guitarist Frank Pané (Bonfire) and lead vocalist  Iacopo “Jack” Meille (Tygers of Pan Tang) on vocals along with drummer Berci Hirleman, bassist Rico Bowen and keyboardist Ernesto Ghezzi have unveiled a video for their first single “Same Ol’ Song” from their upcoming new studio album Unlocked & Loaded, which will be released via El Puerto Records on December 4, 2020.

El Puerto Records‘ press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

“A week before the release of the new album “Unlocked & Reloaded”, the Sainted Sinners, completely re-composed by Bonfire guitarist Frank Pané, are adding another pre-release single, which will surely make the hearts of ’80s melodic fans beat faster. “Same Ol’ Song ”is the name of the up-tempo masterpiece, of which new singer Jack Meille says in the song-by-song tracks that he had the lyrics well before the song and that these lyrics were just waiting for the right song!”

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