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Hear N’ Tell!

Italian rockers Hangarvain has a new single and video for  “Animal Instinct” 

SleazeRoxx.com is pleased to premiere Italian rockers Hangarvain‘s video for their new single “Animal Instinct” which features former Hardcore Superstar guitarist Thomas Silver.

K2Music‘s press release indicates:

“Formed in 2013, with thee albums out “Best Ride Horse”, “Freaks” and “Roots and Returns” and several tours around Europe supporting among the others Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses), Hardcore SuperstarSkillet and The Darkness,  Hangarvain have reached within few years a strong international fanbase and a status as one of the most recognisable and untiring live acts around.

“In these times of darkness and imprisoned souls, we’re trying our best to dream big and keep the faith in life. That’s what our new song Animal Instinct is about and we couldn’t be more excited to share this new chapter in Hangarvain‘s journey with the amazing Thomas Silver, a legendary musician and a bright heart we have the privilege to call as a friend” (Hangarvain)”

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