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Today’s Mixtape is all about 1992! stick around for #bonjovi #warrant and #defleppard just to name a few.…

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Today’s Hair Metal Mixtape #248 – 1992! If you had hope for Hair Metal in 1992, you were a better person than I at that time. I’ll admit, I kind of abandoned Hair Metal for Grunge and I never looked back and that’s a shame because some great stuff came out later.  Like Winger’s “Pull” or Aerosmith’s “Get A Grip” or Vince Neil’s solo record or even Kiss’ “Alive III” all in in ’93 or Cinderella’s “Still Rising” in ’94 which was Tom Keifer’s return after his throat surgery or don’t forget Motley Crue’s “1994” with Corabi on vox! This was fun folks! Now it’s time to get back to normal! LOL – whatever that is!

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Gunner release new single “Cold Nights” from upcoming album ‘Back 4 More’

Gunner consisting of guitarist Rodrigo Bugallo (Roxx), keyboardist Marcos Prevalil (Mark), lead vocalist Fernando Santabaya (Fer), bassist Samuel Carabajal (Sam) and drummer Gustavo Jaime (Gus) have released a new single “Cold Nights” from their upcoming album Back 4 More, which will be available via Lions Pride Music on November 30, 2020.

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