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Today’s Mixtape is all about 1991! Poison fires CC! Hair Metal is starting to lose it’s hold like cheap hairspray, so stick around for #tesla #gunsnroses and #mrbig just to name a few…

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Today we go to 1991 and things are looking bleak and falling apart in the hair metal world, so stick around for Tesla, GnR and Mr. Big just to name a few… 

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Hear N’ Tell!

Poison’s Disastrous 1991 MTV Video Music Awards Performance

Today’s Hear N’ Tell is an event that went down in 1991 Hair Metal History as one of the worst performances on a live awards show.

And because of this event, someone was fired from the band!

That’s right, if you’re thinking of Poison’s Disastrous MTV Video Music Awards Performance, then you are correct! 

What you’re gonna hear is CC finish Unskinny Bop way to early and then calamity ensues which eventually leads to CC’s guitar cable falling out and him basically just being a disaster.

Back in 1991 Poison was a group that was on it’s last legs with guitarist CC Deville. Deville was struggling with substance abuse and nothing exemplified this than the band’s horrendous performance at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards. Following the performance the guitarist would leave the band. Apparently a lot of drama went down backstage after this performance, and I can totally see why. Geez!

…And that was your Hear ’N Tell!

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