Lunch and Hair Metal Mixtape Today @ 12pm EST on! #kiss #whitesnake and #europe just to name a few… Tune in and turn up!

Today’s Mixtape is called “Lipstick N’ Hairspray”! So stick around for #kiss #whitesnake and #europe just to name a few… .

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Today is called “Lipstick N’ Hairspray”! If there was one thing that was apparent with this glam-spolosion, it was the need to raid your sisters make-up kabootle, so stick around for Kiss, Whitesnake and Europe just to name a few… 

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New York rockers Wildstreet consisting of band founder / frontman Eric Jayk, guitarist Jimmie Marlowe, bassist Jonny D, lead guitarist Dom and drummer Lock have released a video for their new single “Still Love You” from their upcoming new studio album Wildstreet III which will be available via Golden Robot Records in 2021.

That was Wildstreet with the single “Still Love You” which now has a video to go along with that fabulous new power ballad!

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