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Today’s Mixtape is still hanging out in the first waves of Hair Metal but bumping it up to around ’83 -’84, so stick around for #wasp #quietriot and #blacknblue just to name a few.

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Today is called “Nitty Gritty First Waves”! We’re still hanging out in the first waves of hair metal but bumping it up to around 1983 and a bunch of tracks that were definitely not the first songs released as singles for those albums, so stick around for WASP, Quiet Riot and Black N’ Blue just to name a few… 

Hear N’ Tell!

Canadian AOR/HardRock band The ANCIENT MACHINE have a released a couple of new singles during this pandemic and we are gonna listen to one of them.

The ANCIENT MACHINE is led by bassist EMERSON TANAKA, guitar player KIKO DITTERT and vocalist THALES MACIEL and their single is called, “Every single Day”

The ANCIENT MACHINE’s web page states on their bio page;

A deep bass line, amazing guitar riffs and melodic vocal lines are found in ANCIENT MACHINE music, which will definitely make you sing together right after the first chorus. “During the quarantine times, I found myself with some extra time, so I decided to start something different: a band I could create songs without the pressure of the mainstream styles that we see nowadays. I am a big fan of the 80’s hard rock, so, to remember ancient times, nothing better than an ANCIENT MACHINE, right? To start, I recruited KIKO, an amazing fast and furious guitar player and also my former band partner. After writing some ideas, I remembered my old friend THALES who recorded a song with me in the past, and his vocals would fit perfectly for ANCIENT MACHINE melodies. After some chatting, the team was made”, said TANAKA.

“It is been really cool to play with these guys. All the composing process, all the care with the details make all the difference in the final result”, said DITTERT.

“Well, it is so easy to create songs among these talented musicians. We are putting our hearts on every chord and creating something we would love to listen even if it weren’t us playing”, said MACIEL.

…And that was your Hear ’N Tell!

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