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Today’s Mixtape dives into late 70’s and early 80’s Glam Metal, so stick around for #kix #defleppard and #krokus just to name a few.

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Today’s Mixtape is called First Waves of Hair and we are diving deep into late 70’s and early 80’s Glam Metal, so stick around for Y&T, Def Leppard and Krokus just to name a few…

Hear N’ Tell!

The Last Vegas and Warrior Soul guitarist Adam Arling has a new project titled Furbaby and four singles have already been released including the latest one — “Reaching Out (For Higher Ground)” — last month.

Furbaby‘s website indicates the following about the new single (with slight edits):

“Official FURBABY video for the new single “Reaching Out (for Higher Ground)” out now.

This tune asks, what is it about higher places? Why do living things climb mountains, build houses on hills, go to the top of the Sears tower in Chicago, or climb a tree? What do we get out of that vantage point, and why go there?”

Armed with a cheap green screen getup, a wicked thrift-store fringe and some space videos from NASA‘s digital archives, Furbaby uses these rudimentary tools to see what’s up. Outer space seems an increasingly decent alternative these days as well.

Special thanks to the mad man from Spain, Iván Tambac for laying some awesome drums down on “Reaching Out (for Higher Ground).””

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