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t’s Motley Monday so we’re gonna have fun with some NOT so common tracks like “1st Band on The Moon”, “Get It For Free” and “Teaser” just to name a few… 

Hear N’ Tell!

Apocalyptic Lovers have released a video for their track “Better Days” with the streaming proceeds going to MusiCares

The Apocalyptic Lovers consisting of drummer David B. Hope, lead vocalist Rob Kane, guitarist Sean Magee  and bassist Mike Nagy have unveiled another live video from their show opening for Dokken at the Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood, California, USA that took place on April 20, 2019. This time, it’s the song “Better Days” from their album Redemption Volume I that gets the video treatment.

The inspiration behind “Better Days” was Van Halen’s 1992 video for their big hit, “Right Now”. The imagery from that video has stuck with me after all these years. We took the idea and went a few steps further in hopes of bringing awareness to the industry workers who need help right now. We chose to highlight a legit charity, MusiCares, that was set up by the Grammys to help those out of work in the music business. We also tried to bring awareness to the many independent venues in danger of closing by mentioning the #SaveOurStages campaign. And because we are tired of the bad news that seems to constantly surround us these days, we tried to lighten the mood with a little humor and a few nods to our inspiration, Van Halen. Shockingly and sadly, the music world lost Eddie Van Halen on October 6th. As we were finalizing edits, we made sure to include a proper acknowledgement to Eddie and Van Halen in there as well. I mean, if it were not for Eddie, our guitarist and many around the world would not play like they do today.

Besides raising awareness for this serious subject matter, we plan on putting our money where our mouths are. We are donating all streaming revenue from the song and video to MusiCaresfrom now until 12/31/2021. We all have full time jobs and families, so putting this video out and donating whatever we can from it is the least we can do. We are just one indie band, but if others could do the same and it spills over to major label acts, it could really add up. So, basically, views of our video will put funds into a charity that helps music industry workers and their families put food on the table, keep a roof over their heads, and pay medical bills. Like I said before, the industry was the first to close and will be the last to reopen. My wife used to work for one of the largest production companies in the Southwest, so we have witnessed first hand how bad this situation really is with many of our friends losing their livelihood.

We hope fans, family, and friends will also help directly by donating to MusiCares (with one C). You don’t even have to like our video. As long as it gets views and people go to to donate to those in need behind the scenes, we all win in the end.

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