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Platinum Overdose unveil new single “Psycho Suzi” for streaming

Platinum Overdose consisting of lead vocalist Steve Philbrook (Brass Kitten), lead guitarist Rick Mead (Rough CuttJailhouse), rhythm guitarist Matt Thorr (Rough CuttJailhouse) and bassist Lance V. (Demon Doll Records) have released a new single “Psycho Suzi” for streaming from their sophomore album Back For The Thrill, which was released via the DDR Music Group on August 5, 2020. The single also features Blake Hastings from Lixx Array on guitar.

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in late July 2020Platinum Overdose founder and bassist Lance V. was asked what are his favourite tracks on Back For The Thrill to which he stated: “That’s a tough one. It’s like trying to choose a favorite child. I love them all but in honour of the question, I’ll do my best to break down a few. “Psycho Suzi” is a great album opener and has a killer riff Steve wrote and just really opens the album up with a punch in the mouth. “No Way Out” in my opinion has a real Dokken / Y&T vibe to it, which I really like and we did some cool octave changes at the end of the song. “Rockin’ America” is our feel good summer time ’80s rock track. I think Matt’s rhythm guitars are off the chain as well as Rick’s lead guitars. “Give The Night Away” seems to be a fan favorite so far from people that have heard it. It’s another one of my love letters to my home city of Los Angeles. Some have described it as eerie although I like that description as it  means we did something a bit different. “Back In Your City” is one of my favorites as it’s as ’80s as you’re going to get. I could go on and on with the other three tracks but I’ll let the fans choose their favorites.”

You can purchase a physical copy of Platinum Overdose‘s sophomore album Back For The Thrill through the DDR Music Group’s website and a digital copy through Bandcamp.”

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