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Today’s Mixtape is called “Wicked Sensation”,  It’s not just the first track but it’s also the first feelings you get for that special someone, so stick around ‘cause coming up we got Quiet Riot, Kiss and Kix just to name a few… 

Hear N’ Tell!

Warrior Soul unveil cover of Alice Cooper’s track “Elected”

Warrior Soul featuring long-time frontman Kory Clarke have released their cover of Alice Cooper‘s classic track “Elected.” The song is part of Warrior Soul‘s upcoming covers album titled Cocaine And Other Good Stuff, which will be available via Live Wire /Cargo Records on November 13, 2020.

Wikipedia states the following about Alice Cooper‘s track “Elected” (with slight edits): “”Elected” is a single by rock band Alice Cooper, released as the first Hot 100 hit on their sixth studio album Billion Dollar Babies (1973). The single reached #26 during election week on the charts in the United States, #4 on the charts in the United Kingdom and #3 in Austria. It inspired one of the first MTV style story line promo videos ever made for a song. The song is a reworked version of their debut single “Reflected” from their album of 1969, Pretties For You.”

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