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Today’s Mixtape is called “No Turnin’ Back”,  When you’ve made your commitment sometimes there’s just no turning’ back, so stick around because coming up we got  Kiss, Def Leppard and Nasty Ratz just to name a few… 

New Music NEWS!

Vambo have unveiled a new single called “Fast Car” from their self-titled debut album.

UK rockers Vambo consisting of lead vocalist Jack Stiles, guitarist Pete Lance, drummer Steve Price and bassist James Scott have unveiled a new single titled “Fast Car” from their self-titled debut album, which was released via Goliath Records back in 2019.

This is UK rockers Vambo with their new single “Fast Car” right here on Hair Metal Mixtape on Zero DB Radio!

That was Vambo with their new single “Fast Car” and this is Hair Metal Mixtape on Zero DB Radio

Noble PR‘s press release from Oct. 2nd indicates (with slight edits):

Vambo release their single “Fast Car” today. The single is taken from their swaggering and powerful self-titled debut gets the deluxe treatment when it is re-released on Friday, November 6th as “Vambo Deluxe” featuring five bonus tracks. The single “Fast Car” is released on Friday, October 2nd. The album is released by Goliath Records, via Universal Music.

The five bonus tracks include “Paradise”, “Mistaken Identity,” “Total Jeopardy,” “Dancing with the Devil (Acoustic)” and a live recording of the Deep Purple classic “Burn.””

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