DORO Performs At Empty 7,000-Capacity Amphitheater In Germany As Part Of ‘Rockplast’ (Video)

Warlock singer and German metal queen Doro Pesch performed in an empty Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen, Germany for “Corona Sessions” as part of WDR “Rockpalast” . She played a four-song set with Klaus Vanscheidt on guitar— consisting of “I Rule The Ruins”“Für Immer”“All We Are” and “A Thousand Years” — The video can be seen below.

Doro said: “Such a great place. Last time I played there it was packed with more than 7000 people. It felt totally surreal to perform there without an audience. I hope so much for live shows to come back soon, and to be safe.

“Thanks a lot to Klaus Vanscheidt for joining me on guitar, to Thomas von der Heiden Musikfotografie for the nice pix, and of course to the great Rockpalast team and Amphitheater crew!”

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