Bloody Heels Releases Video For “Ignite The Sky”

80’s-style rock band from Riga, Latvia. Consists of 4 members – Vicky White (Vocals), Harry Rivers (Guitar), Chris Flint (Bass), Gus Hawk (Drums)

Bloody Heels have released another single & video, ‘Ignite The Sky’! People seemed to really enjoy the first single & video, ‘Criminal Masterminds’ (273K+ views and counting), so hopefully you dig this one too! Highly recommended for fans of Slave To The Grind-era Skid Row, Crashdïet, Crazy Lixx, Reckless Love, Mötley at their heaviest, and the like. See their other video, ‘Criminal Masterminds’ here:

New album, “Ignite The Sky” out July 10, 2020.

Bloody Heels – “Ignite The Sky”
Bloody Heels – “Criminal Masterminds”

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